Looking Back at Joshiraku in 2022 #TBT

For today’s Throwback Thursday, there’s only one article I’d like to talk about, and that’s my final thoughts on Joshiraku. When I finished watching Joshiraku, I described it as the most Japanese anime I’ve ever watched. It fuses just about every Japanese cultural element there is under the land of the rising sun. Anime references, check. Anime meta references, check. Live-Action Japanese TV references, check. Anime tropes, check. Japanese folklore references, check. Uniquely Japanese gags, check. And why not throw in some references that western audiences would get? There should be a guide somewhere on the internet that explains every reference shown in Joshiraku.

Joshiraku has some self-aware comedy.
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10 Darkest Anime I Watched

About 70%-85% of the anime I watch are bright and colorful. They’re all about love and peace, and they celebrate cuteness like it’s the greatest treasure on Earth! However, I have watched anime that are the opposite of that. In this list, I’ll go over the 10 darkest anime I watched. I will include anime I dropped since I haven’t watched a lot of really dark anime. I will sort this list based on how dark the anime is.

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Astarotte’s Toy Halfway Point Thoughts

I can’t believe I watched half of a 12-episode full-length anime in one day! Yesterday, I did a self-imposed challenge where if I didn’t pass MAX 300 on Heavy (my #1 Goal of 2022), I would have to watch an anime that I think will suck. It was very similar to that one time when I watched Hand Shakers. I chose Astarotte’s Toy as the anime that I would watch if I failed. I expected it to be an F-Tier anime because of its messed-up premise, but so far, I don’t find it to be as lewd as I expected. By the halfway point, I can name 5 anime I watched that are lewder than the first half of Astarotte’s Toy. Don’t get me wrong. This anime is still an ecchi, but there are a lot of things I like about Astarotte’s Toy.

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Why I still use Twitter in 2022

On January 31, 2022, I wrote most of this blog post after I saw YouTubers make polls as to what other social media services they use, and Twitter has become the most unpopular popular social media website according to YouTube. It feels like being active on Twitter is an unpopular thing to do. But recently, there’s been a lot of drama involving higher-ups on Twitter, and it feels like the website is in danger. For that, I decided to finally post this old blog post that was in my drafts for some time. I will explain why I still use Twitter in 2022, my experience of not using Twitter for 9 months, and the impending Twitterpocalypse.

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My Least Favorite Anime of Each Genre According to MyAnimeList

Several months ago, I went over my favorite anime of each genre according to MyAnimeList. This time, I’m doing the opposite. I’m doing my least favorite anime of each genre according to MyAnimeList.

I am going to use MyAnimeList’s list of genres, themes, and demographics for this list. If I haven’t watched anything in that genre, I’ll skip it. To make things interesting, I’m going to treat each anime series as one entity, so I can’t add two Magical Girl Raising Project anime to this list, even if I wanted to. I want to show off my least favorite anime including shorts and movies, but I will be excluding OVAs of TV anime and specials of TV anime that are only 1 episode long. Also, this list will be focusing less on the genre and more on the anime since there are some genres on this list that I’m not fond of.

Disclaimer: Just because an anime is on here doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact, a few of these anime on this list are great anime.

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Looking back at my Top 21 Anime I Watched in Winter 2016 #TBT

Winter 2016 was such a memorable time for watching anime. While the anime season was lacking, it provided a few standout anime, especially KONOSUBA. In this article, I’ll be going over all 21 anime I watched in Winter 2016 and whether or not I agree with their rankings. I will be posting my enjoyment and critical totals for each anime. If you want to learn more, read this article.

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