Majimoji Rurumo OVA Thoughts

It has been 5 years since I watched my first anime, Majimoji Rurumo. On October 2018, a surprise announcement came out that says that Majimoji Rurumo is getting an OVA! I couldn’t believe it, but it appears that the OVA may conclude the series, since Episode 12 ended on a cliffhanger with no hope of a Season 2. When that announcement came, I believe I was in a building named after Neil Armstrong, who landed on the moon 50 years ago.

Screenshot (582).png

The Majimoji Rurumo OVA came out in July 2019. The director of Majimoji Rurumo (and the OVA) directed One Punch Man Season 2, which must had been a tall order. I figured he must have felt stressed and exhausted during that time, but I believe he did a fantastic job with the OVA!

Screenshot (585).png

Why does Shibaki Kouta’s shirt say ⑨?

Anyway, just by starting to watch the OVA that’s available on Crunchyroll, I feel quite excited just by starting to watch it! An anime that means a lot to me is surprisingly coming back for 2019 as an OVA, and I loved it! For a quick recap on what the anime is about, it’s about a boy named Shibaki Kouta. He is grated a ticket book that grants wishes from Rurumo, who was demoted to a witch-in-training. Anyway, there will be major spoilers on this article!


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Initial D Final Thoughts

Welp, I finally finished watching the Initial D main series! The anime was truly unlike anything I have watched. In fact, the anime is truly unlike any other anime out there! No other anime could compare to Initial D except for all the other racing anime, but Initial D is in a league of its own. There are many reasons why Initial D deserves its good reputation. Some include the great story, the great characters, and the exciting races. The general feel I get when watching Initial D is “Whoa! This is so hype!”

I’ve watched a video explaining why you should watch Initial D, and one great point the video makes is that this anime teaches you about cars, even though some background knowledge about car specs is recommended. The graphics in First Stage may look laughable by today’s standards, but they were cutting edge when the anime was first released in 1998. Later seasons have dramatically improved the art and animation. In fact, Initial D Fifth Stage and Final Stage came out in 2012 and 2014 respectively. The sound effects are also top notch throughout all seasons. And of course, the Eurobeat music is amazing and is a very fitting choice for street races.

The first five seasons have all been great overall, but the final season provides one of the best races in the entire series. There will be spoilers for Initial D Final Stage in this article! Continue reading

Top 12 Anime I Watched in Winter & Spring 2019

Half a year has passed, and I only watched 12 anime. I wish I had watched more, but I attended college every day, I have lots of work to do in my part time job, and college work has often made me busy, which severely limits the amount of time I spend watching anime. Nonetheless, I still want to talk about all the anime I watched. I will be talking about all of them from worst to best. Keep in mind that this is just my opinion. With that said, here is the list. Continue reading

My Top 10 Favorite Anime Characters of 2011

2011 was an amazing year for anime. That year gave us a lot of amazing anime as well as a lot of amazing characters. In fact, there are so many anime characters from 2011 that I love, that I decided to make a list out of it!

With other years, it’s easy to pinpoint a personal favorite character. For example, these are my favorite anime characters of 2003, 2007, 2015, and 2019.

  • 2003: Kino (Kino’s Journey)
  • 2007: Konata Izumi (Lucky Star)
  • 2015: Yuki Takeya (Gakkougurashi!)
  • 2019: Chika Fujiwara (Kaguya-Sama: Love is War)

Some choices are quite obvious while others aren’t so obvious, but these four characters stood out above all other characters to me from those years. With 2011, so many characters stood out, that it’s hard to pick a definitive favorite! By the way, here are some rules before I get into this list.

  1. I’m only counting characters that made their anime debut in 2011, so no Squid Girl or Popura Taneshima (Working!!) on this list.
  2. I’m only counting characters from anime I have watched, so don’t expect to see any Mirai Nikki or Infinite Stratos characters on this list.
  3. This list will prioritize on cuteness, because I am a huge moe fan. However, other characteristics like usefulness, personality, sense of humor, and how popular the character is will be taken to consideration.
  4. This is just my opinion. You probably won’t agree with this list since it’s full of cute anime girls. If you don’t agree with this list, make your own or find another list. But if you seek for awesome characters and cute anime girls, then this list is for you!

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