Top 20 Guilty Pleasure Anime from WatchMojo Reaction

As of the writing of this article, I am about 55% done making my third Guilty Pleasure anime list, and WatchMojo recently uploaded a video on 20 guilty pleasure anime. I will try to go through my thoughts on each anime as quickly as possible. There will be some anime that I never heard of, some that I heard of but don’t care about, some I plan to watch, some that I watched and feels like a good fit for this list, some that I watched and does not feel like a good fit for this list, and some that I really don’t like. I mean, some consider K-On a guilty pleasure anime, but have they ever heard of Hinako Note? Now that’s a real guilty pleasure anime. Anyway, let’s get this gravy train rolling.

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Top 5 Anime I Watched Mixed Subbed and Dubbed

When determining which anime to watch, I also determine which language I should watch the anime. Factors like the genres, the voice actors, similar anime, and even the website I watch from help determine whether I watch an anime subbed or dubbed. Crunchyroll feels like a better website to watch subbed anime with adorable Japanese voices, while Funimation feels like a better website to watch anime in English.

With a few anime, I decided to watch both subbed and dubbed versions during my first watch. Some are intentional, others are not. I’ll tell you my reasons why when I talk about those 5 anime.

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16 Anime I Watched in Japanese that Have an English Dub

While there are lots of great dubbed anime out there, those anime are the anime I watched subbed. Some had English dubs that came out after I finish watching them. Some had English dubs that already exist. Some had good English dubs. Some had bad English dubs. Some had English dubs that I want to watch. I’m going to split those anime into four groups.

  1. The 4 best anime I watched when at the time of watching, had no English dub (this includes simulcast anime).
  2. The 8 best anime I watched where an English dub was available, but I watched it subbed.
  3. The 4 anime I wished I watched dubbed.

I’ll go through all of them quickly and only talk about the sub/dub aspect of each anime.

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Top 10 Anime That Don’t Have an English Dub

You might have missed my Top 10 Anime I Watched in English article, because when I published it, I set it to the past. Anyway, for this list, I’m listing the articles that don’t have an English dub. I’m going to split it to two categories:

  1. The best anime I watched that don’t have an English dub, and whether they need an English dub or not. These are the anime I like the most that don’t have an English dub.
  2. The anime that I believe need an English dub the most. These anime might not be the best, but if they got an English dub, I’ll consider rewatching them.
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Top 10 Anime I Watched in English

You all heard of the subbed vs dubbed debate, whether you got into anime during the pandemic or not. There are some that say “All subbed anime are superior, and all dubbed anime are trash.” There are others that say “Dubbed anime is the only way to go, and subtitles are a pain.” And then we get to people like me, who is happy watching anime subbed or dubbed. There are some anime where I chose to watch it subbed, some where I chose to watch it dubbed, some where the dub is the only option, some where subbed is the only option but then it got a dub, some where I like to see-saw between subbed and dubbed, and some where it will never get a dub.

Just a disclaimer: This isn’t a list of the best English dubs in anime. This is a list of the best anime I watched in the English dub. Also, I apologize for my relative inactivity. I wanted to spend less time on the article each week to focus on other activities.

I am going to exclude anime where I see-sawed between the sub and the dub and will only count anime where I watched at least 80% of an anime dubbed. For example: Re:Zero. Basically, everyone sounds better in the English dub except for Rem and Ram. Ram sounds equally good in Japanese and English, and Rem’s voice is so angelic in Japanese, though her English voice is good.

I’m also going to exclude Your Name. and Spirited Away since those are movies, and to me, those don’t count since they’re just one extra long episode. I’m also excluding Wandering Witch since I have yet to complete it. While it is an excellent anime, I can’t tell if this anime will lose its luster by the end. With that said, here’s my list.

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Busiest and Laziest Weeks for Anime Watching (2017-2021)

Compared to 2016, I didn’t watch that much anime from 2017-2021, and that includes the 9-month long hiatus. During that hiatus, anime became much more popular. But besides that fact, my laziest week of watching anime in 2016 feels like a mediocre week in terms of anime watching in 2017-2021. On average, I watch 11 episodes of anime a week when I watched anime from 2017-2021 (excluding the 9 month hiatus), but that average is going down. But, there were some weeks where I watched a lot of anime over the past 5 years, and I want to go over them. In my last list, I was not sure how I counted each anime, but in this list, I’ll simply count the episodes I watched starting from Sunday and ending on Saturday. Kapeesh? Let’s get into it.

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Anime where episode 2 is better than episode 1

First impressions are always important. An excellent first episode is a great way to get fans excited for an anime. But in most cases, the second episode is when things aren’t as exciting or as good. The anime I’m going to talk about are exceptions, as their second episodes are as good, if not better than their first episodes! Keep in mind that this is just my personal opinion, and the list is in no particular order. Here’s the list.

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If you love any of these 6 anime, then you will love Ms. Vampire who lives in my neighborhood.

Recently, I’ve been watching the anime Ms. Vampire who lives in my neighborhood., which is my first Fall 2018 anime. My impression of this anime so far is, “This is the least dark and edgy vampire anime ever.” Instead of scary vampires who threaten humanity or are very destructive and malevolent, this anime provides two cute vampires: One who loves watching anime and drinking blood from blood bottles ordered on Amazon, and one who still clings on to her malevolent behaviors but is shedding it off. This anime explains more about the less scary traits of vampires. So far, I enjoy watching this anime!

If you haven’t watched Ms. Vampire who lives in my neighborhood already, you are missing out if you love any of these six anime. And yes, this is inspired by Misty Chronexia’s Doppelgänger series. If you have watched Ms. Vampire who loves in my neighborhood, these are all great recommendations.

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