Top 16 Anime I Watched in Summer 2017

It’s finally over. My watching list is completely emptied out. That means it’s time for me to post the anime I watched in Summer 2017.

This season has been one of the most negative times during my life. Within the past three months, I decided to leave /r/anime and Reddit. I also took a big break from August 11-15 since I was feeling stressed out about anime. And now that I have a job, the rate at which I watch anime has slowed down. And yes, I dislike my job. Good thing I stopped using Reddit actively. I’ve also became much less passionate about watching anime and making posts on this blog. It almost feels like six months have passed within the past three months with so many events, both personal and historical. Let’s get to the list. Continue reading


NEW GAME!! Final Thoughts

Now that I’ve finished watching NEW GAME Season 2, I can safely say that this season has more drama than the previous season. Every good and bad aspect about New Game is still there, but they have all become less prevalent due to increased levels of drama. Oh, and by the way, there will be spoilers in here. Continue reading

Sakura Quest Final Thoughts

You know, it’s been a long time since Sakura Quest started airing. 168 days to be precise. It felt like a very different time back then. At the time I started watching it, I blogged way more often than now. The announcement that Sakura Quest is getting 25 episodes initially got me excited, because it felt like a new experience. Even though there were times where I felt stressed about anime, I was going to keep watching Sakura Quest until the end. The final episode does what a final episode should do: Leave a positive lasting impression on the series. Continue reading

Top 10 Anime I Want to Watch Next 9/13/2017

At this point, my anime watching habits have been reactivated, except that I check MAL Scores much less frequently, I left Reddit as a whole, and I now have a job at Walmart. It’s been almost a whole year since I’ve done one of these lists, and I figured I may as well talk about the Top 10 Anime I Want to Watch Next. Some of these anime I will most likely be watching in Fall 2017. Others I will most likely watching in 2018. But these anime are on this list for a reason. Continue reading

My Anime Watching Break is Over

Six days after starting my break, I decided to end it. I felt like this break is well deserved. I feel quite refreshed, and it helped me recover from that burnout. Now I’m ready to watch some anime again. I’ve always watched anime constantly within the past 1 and a half years. Sure, the English speaking anime community is going crazy, but I’ve learned how to ignore it. Every time I watch an anime-related video, I have to delete it off of my history to prevent more anime-related videos from popping up. Now that I’ve separated myself from the anime community, I’m going to briefly mention the anime I’ve watched and talk the anime I’m watching.
Continue reading

Anime: Why Do I Keep Watching It?

Throughout the time I was in my anime watching phase, I had moments where I wanted to quit. And before I said I would quit, I said I would watch some final anime before that. Right now, I’m feeling regrets on being an anime fan, because there are some common aspects in anime that I dislike as well as an aspect I dislike in the anime community. I am getting older, and my perspective on life and anime are changing. My status as an anime fan has become more in jeopardy ever since the Spring 2017 anime season ended. Continue reading

Why I No Longer Blog About Non-Airing Anime

This is a short blog post to address something that recently been going on. And that’s the fact that I don’t blog about anime that have finished airing. Ever since finishing The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Season 1 and posting a blog post about it, I never posted my first impressions on any anime I’ve watched ever since, unless it’s an airing anime or it’s Welcome to the NHK! I also never posted any final thoughts on any anime I’ve watched ever since, except for the aforementioned anime, Aria the Natural, and Cardcaptor Sakura, since I started watching both of these anime on February 2017.

The reason why I’m doing that is because so that I can enjoy anime to its fullest. It’s also because it takes up a lot of time to write down blog posts for anime. I still blog about new and airing anime, because I feel like it’s more important to talk about them. For anime that has been completed, what has been said about them has most likely already been said, so I hold off these thoughts until the seasonal list of the top anime I watched from worst to best. It’s just a personal preference. It also helps me prioritize.

I’ve Been Watching Anime for Three Years. Looking Back at my First Anime, Majimoji Rurumo

Exactly three years ago, on July 20, 2014, I started watching Majimoji Rurumo. I was browsing images on Safebooru using the witch_hat tag, because I love anime witches so much. Within the past two months, a bunch of Wadanohara images popped up due to the Wadanohara game getting really popular at the time. I was getting a lot of Marisa Kirisame and Wadanohara fanarts by searching that tag. But then I found this image, and I immediately took notice on this girl’s huge witch hat.

I wanted to see more of this girl, but due to a lack of fanart, I ended up watching the first two episodes of this anime. This decision might have not been immediately impactful, but it was the start of my anime watching phase. As time went on, I begin to see July 20, 2014 as a more significant day in my life. I later completed Majimoji Rurumo on September 25, 2014. Continue reading