Shirobako and Dream Eater Merry First Impressions #TBT

Throwback Thursdays have been a trend that I had noticed when I was in high school. My school decided to do a Throwback Thursday day where people dress like people from the past. On this blog, I’ll celebrate Throwback Thursdays by reposting two old blog posts from my old blog that’s hosted on Weebly. I moved to WordPress in hopes that I get more views, and it worked. Over the last 6 years of blogging, readers notice my blog posts on WordPress. And now, I want to move these old blog posts to my current blog.

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Every Game I Have on Steam, and How Much it Costed

I love playing video games. And in this article, I’ll be going over every game on my Steam Library in order of when I got those games. I will be excluding games I got for free such as TERA Online and NGU Idle, even if I paid money to get some cosmetic upgrades or in-game currency.

For over 2 years, I had used Steam just so that I can run TERA Online on my 2015 HP laptop, and I only played the game on occasion. But this all changed in early 2018 when I got a new Dell Laptop.

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Seven Random Characters I Adore, andĀ Can I Beat Them in a Fight?

I am not pugnacious, but I sometimes have the thought that I could beat a lot of my favorite anime characters in a fight. Today, I’ll go on anime-planet, where 7 random characters I loved show up, and whether I could beat them all in a fight. And here are the characters!

šŸ¤£ Is this even a contest? I could probably beat all these characters in a fight! Every girl to the right of Millhiore isn’t even capable of fighting me. They’re just peaceful girls who just want to live their life. Or in the case of Erio Touwa, keep herself sheltered from the real world until her cousin shows up and changes her life. The only character that can beat me in a fight is Millhiore, and that’s because she can use magic and a sword. Almost all these characters would be useless in action anime.

Let’s say that Millhiore can’t use magic powers or weapons. I’d still win against her, even though she’s a dog girl. What if all seven of these girls decide to gang up on me? I’d still win, even with Anya’s ability to read minds, which has allowed her to do well in dodgeball.

The answer: Yes, except for Millhiore.

4 Reasons Why Majimoji Rurumo is Not a Good First Anime

If you know me, Majimoji Rurumo was my first anime. I know. It sounds weird. Back when I got into anime, things like Naruto, One Piece, Attack on Titan, Death Note, and Sword Art Online were popular anime for those wanting to get into anime. But for me, it was Majimoji Rurumo. This is one of the last anime that people would expect when they ask me what my first anime was. I discovered it through browsing image boards. When I came across fan art of this anime, I thought the witch girl was adorable. I watched it and enjoyed it. However, I will admit that this is not a good starter anime, and there are four reasons why. At the end of the article, I’ll give you an anime that would be a good first anime.

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Parallel World Pharmacy First Impressions

Last season was a blessing for pink-haired anime girl fans. We had characters like Anya, Chika, Momo, and Kotone. Don’t know who Kotone is? She’s the main character of RPG Real Estate, a great anime for CGDCT fans.

I feel like I need to watch more anime with cute pink-haired anime girls because the anime I’m watching lack cute pink-haired anime girls. The Dragon Ball franchise doesn’t really have any pink-haired anime girls. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Season 1 doesn’t have one either, but one girl comes close, and she’s not that cute. Kemono Friends’ character designs lean more towards natural hair colors. A Certain Magical Index has a cute pink-haired girl, but almost no one watches this anime for that girl, and she doesn’t get a lot of screentime. As a result, I feel that I need to take action and pick up something new.

When going through my Plan to Watch list, I came across Parallel World Pharmacy, which has a cute pink-haired anime girl on the key visual. I feel like I immediately found the next anime I should be watching. I’ve watched a lot of relaxing isekai/non-isekai fantasy anime, and this anime is available on Crunchyroll. Earlier, I stayed that I have a 70% chance of watching any Summer 2022 anime, with this anime being only a 6.25% chance. Well, the odds have risen ever since I was surprised by the anime’s MAL score of at least 7.50, and now I get to watch it. What do I think about the first episode? Well, let’s get into it.

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A Timeline of the #1 Worst Anime I Watched

I’ve done the #1 best anime I watched, and now it’s time for the opposite. Here is a timeline of the #1 worst anime I watched. Because the first thing I watch is automatically considered the worst thing I watched for a time, keep in mind that just because something was the worst at one point doesn’t mean it’s bad. For that, I give what my score was for that anime at the time.

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Seven Random Characters I Adore, and Why

On anime-planet, there is this feature where you can see which characters a user has loved or hated. It’s all public information, and seven characters are shown at random on the profile pages. In this article, I’ll be going over the seven characters that show up on my anime-planet profile and try to explain why I love them in 5 sentences or less. And here are the characters!

Oh, boy, this is going to be a good one. Unsurprisingly, I have mentioned most of these characters in other lists, because I like some of these characters more than others. Some are just great, while others are phenomenal!

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