Majimoji Rurumo Final Thoughts

This article was originally written on September 25, 2014 as a DeviantArt journal entry.

Just so you know, I really don’t watch a lot of anime mainly because 99% of the anime out there include things that I wouldn’t like if I were a teenager.

But then, on July 20, 2014, an anime caught my eye. Majimoji Rurumo. It’s part of the 99% of the anime mentioned, though. The main reason why it caught my eye is because of the cute protagonist. She is a witch, and I love her really big hat.

The main character, Kouta Shibaki, is a pervert. When he first met Rurumo, Kouta treats her like any other girl. But as the episodes progresses, Kouta builds a stronger bond with Rurumo, like they’re part of a family. Kouta begins to show respect and friendliness towards Rurumo.

This anime made me laugh, especially when Kouta gets attacked for doing pervy stuff. It cracks me up everytime he gets punched. It also has a lot of fanservice, not to mention, two episodes that are generic and can be found in a lot of anime. Since I never really watched a lot of anime, these episodes don’t seem to bother me.

Overall, it was a pretty fun experience being able to watch my first anime that’s not for kids. I’m really hoping for a season 2 of this anime. I’m not planning to watch any other anime, unless it has a cute protagonist wearing an outfit that I think it looks good on her.