How I See My Ratings in Anime

When I rate things in anime, this is how I view them.

S 9.6-10.0: This show is practically perfect. I have virtually no problems with this anime. The premise seems very promising, and it delivered the premise flawlessly. If it has a story, it is handled with pin-point precision. I absolutely love some of the characters and just about every single character is at least good. The way the characters are treated / handled are done super well. The soundtrack is very impressive. The opening and ending themes are legendary. The art is stunning, and the animation is spot-on. The moments are either hilarious or spectacular. There are virtually no moments or aspects that I disliked, and/or some of these positive aspects go up to 11! It has everything I want to see in an anime. Watching this anime makes me feel euphoric. Truly an epic masterpiece.
MAL Score: 10
Examples: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, No Game No Life

A+ 9.0-9.5: Not an epic masterpiece, but it comes close. I might have a few nitpicks with this anime, there may be minor problems, or it may be lacking in something. Otherwise, the show excels in many, many aspects, including its art, its animation, its premise, its characters, its character designs, its story, its moments, and/or its music. This is a must watch.
MAL Score: 9
Examples: Angel Beats!, The World God Only Knows

A 8.5-8.9: I love this anime! I didn’t necessarily love every minute of it, as it has a few problems, or it may be lacking in something. However, it is an incredibly enjoyable anime that must be watched. Its art, its animation, its premise, its characters, its character designs, its story, its moments, and/or its music are done very well.
MAL Score: 9
Examples: New Game!, The Familiar of Zero

A- 8.1-8.5: I really like this anime. Its execution is great, or I really enjoyed it. Sure, it has its problems here or there, but the anime managed to keep me entertained/invested for a large amount of time. A lot of the moments of this anime were well executed and/or entertaining, and it’s worth watching.
MAL Score: 8
Examples: Amagi Brilliant Park, Kiniro Mosaic

B 7.5-8.0: This is a very good anime with plenty of good moments. I kind of wish something could be done in order to make the anime more entertaining or less flawed, but I liked it overall.
MAL Score: 8, 7 if grade is B-
Examples: Toradora!, Yuyushiki

C 6.5-7.4: It’s decent / just good. Standard tier stuff that I probably won’t watch again, but it was fun while it lasted. It has some problems, and it may be a little disappointing, but it passes.
MAL Score: 7
Examples: Anne Happy, Sweetness and Lightning

D 5.6-6.5: I guess it’s OK. There were several problems I had with this anime, and those aspects kind of ruined the experience for me. At least the good aspects outweigh the bad aspects. It wasn’t anything bad, but I wouldn’t call it good.
MAL Score: 6
Examples: Kantai Collection: Kancolle, Watamote

F 4.6-5.5: This is a mediocre anime that was not executed well. There’s nothing exciting about it, or there were plenty of moments I genuinely disliked. There may be some good moments too, though typically, it’s an even mix between good and bad. It’s not a terrible anime, but it’s a failure nonetheless.
MAL Score: 5
Examples: Rewrite, Denki-Gai

F 2.0-4.5: Straight up bad! The bad moments in this anime definitely outweigh the good moments. This anime has so many problems, that I can go on and on talking about the problems it has. Or it could have a disastrous flaw that puts an otherwise great anime down here. I would be better off never watching it.
MAL Score: 2, 3, 4
Examples: Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, Himegoto

F 1.0: Appalling premise, repulsive execution, and excessive problems. It traumatized / greatly infuriated me. There are no redeeming qualities in sight. It’s a disaster.
MAL Score: 1
Examples: Nothing so far. Thank goodness.