Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. First Impressions

I said that I might watch this anime, because I liked the character designs, especially Sushie’s design. I also stated that it might be a so bad it’s good anime, just like Gonna be the Twin-Tail from Fall 2014. It also seems to have similarities to KONOSUBA, which is one of the most popular anime of 2016. Will Isekai Smartphone be the next KONOSUBA? Will it be a good comedy isekai anime? Well let’s get into it.

This anime begins when our main male character, Touya Mochizuki, in heaven with God. He died because of a lightning strike. However, he cannot be sent back to his own world. He has to go to another world. God gives Touya one request. Touya’s request: To be able to use his smartphone in another world. Sounds ridiculous. Right? So far, he can receive calls from God, pull up the other world map, and read news and other information on the web using his smartphone. He could also charge his phone using magic.

This other world is like your typical fantasy world with quests and RPG-like elements. This time, with a comedic tone. A man notices his “strange” clothes, and he’s able to sell them for plenty of gold coins. He then meets two twin sisters being approached by two tough guys. In short, he was able to defeat the tough guys, because God gave him the ability to be overpowered. I’m not kidding. The twin sisters introduce themselves as Elze and Linze¬†Silhoueska. Else is the older sister, and Linze is the younger sister.

Else and Linze do a quest with Touya. Touya got a weapon, and they succeeded. It was later revealed that Touya can perform all kinds of magic. One type of magic that’s especially convenient is Gate magic, which allows the characters to travel long distances very shortly through a portal. Yep, Touya is an overpowered vanilla protagonist. Oh boy. Also, using his smartphone, he was able to find a recipe for ice cream. He explained the recipe, and the earthly treat made its way to the fantasy town. The ladies love it! The cuisine of this town will be altered.

So far, this anime feels below average when compared to the other anime I’ve watched. It’s the only anime from Summer 2017 tagged as “Harem” on MyAnimeList. One thing about this anime is that it has a lot of eye catches. The anime is bright and colorful, and the main cast will have a lot of cute girls. Sushie has not been introduced yet, and I can’t wait for her introduction. I also love the opening song. If you loved KONOSUBA and want an anime with a similar tone, then this anime could be for you. It might not be as good as KONOSUBA, but give Isekai Smartphone a try, and see if you like it or not.