My Current Thoughts on the Summer 2017 Anime I Picked Up

So this time, I’ve decided to pick three anime for Summer 2017: Tenshi no 3P!, In Another World With My Smartphone, and NEW GAME!! In addition, I also decided to continue watching an anime from Spring 2017 as it’s airing its second cour: Sakura Quest. This means that I am technically watching four Summer 2017 anime. I’m going to tell you my feelings on all of them.

Sakura Quest

Sakura Quest is an anime from Spring 2017, and it was announced on Episode 3 that it’s going to be 25 episodes long. This means this anime is continuing to the Summer 2017 season. The first 13 episodes were OK. The positives of Sakura Quest are that the art and animation are very well done, and the characters are really nice.

Of these four anime, I feel the least guilt continuing Sakura Quest. The negatives of Sakura Quest is that this anime lacks excitement. Not very many people would find working in the tourism industry at a rural town interesting, and Episode 13 really shows that. And this problem really weighs this anime down. Hopefully the show can pick up the pace and maybe provide something interesting and unexpected in a good way.

Current Grade: C

Tenshi no 3P!

Tenshi no 3P is the loli anime of the season. It is the spiritual successor to Ro-Kyu-Bu! Ro-Kyu-Bu is an anime about lolis playing basketball whose team is coached by a high school boy. This anime is infamous for having a lot of fanservice. Season 2 did tone the fanservice dial down, but it was still there.

I’ve been looking forward to Tenshi no 3P ever since the day it was announced, and the first episode felt surprisingly tame. The female characters are super cute, the art and animation are great, and the story does have potential. I am expecting to see fanservice in future episodes.

Of course, Tenshi no 3P is not for everyone. This anime should not be watched by people who don’t like lolis and fanservice together. For me so far, I really like this anime. It definitely is a guilty pleasure which I hope doesn’t become too well known.

Current Grade: A-


Initially, NEW GAME was going to be the anime that I must watch, no matter what. But on July 4, the first episode came out, and I read other people’s thoughts about it. Although these thoughts were on the positive side, I read that the two biggest problems I had with New Game (fanservice and yuri undertones) have gotten even bigger. Because of this, my hype for this anime got wrecked. But as time went on, my hype for this anime has been restored, and I was able to watch it on the day this anime first appeared on Crunchyroll.

Despite the personal problems being more prevalent in Season 2, the things that make NEW GAME great are still intact. Cute girls, game making, great aesthetics, and some great characters are some of the good things about this anime. I have the least regrets picking up this anime, and I’m sure that it will have the best quality of these four anime. Plus, it feels great knowing that I’m watching an anime that people generally love.

Current Grade: A-

In Another World With My Smartphone

At one point, I wasn’t hyped for New Game Season 2, so I decided to put a different anime in its place. I knew that In Another World With My Smartphone starts on the same day that New Game Season 2 starts, so I put it on my schedule. When my hype for New Game has recovered, I decided to watch both anime to see which one was better. Clearly, New Game is better. But what about this anime? Well, people are saying that it is not the next KONOSUBA, and opinions on this anime are all over the place.

One of the things that people complain about the most in this anime has to be the main male character. He is an overpowered blank slate, and I’ve seen that type of character in numerous harem anime. The first episode skipped out on some details too, such as the money system and how the main character got his sword. Tying in with the main male character is another thing people complain about a lot in this anime: How generic it is. Some people like Isekai (a genre where the protagonist gets transported to another world). Others dislike it. In other words, it’s a divisive genre.

I don’t mind Isekai anime, and I found the first episode of Isekai Smartphone to be fine. It met my expectations. It’s not impressive, but it’s not bad either. I’m still going to keep an eye on this anime, since I’ve picked it up and want to see more moments in this anime.

Current Grade: C-