NEW GAME!! First Impressions

The hype for New Game Season 2 is so high, that I cannot pass off this anime. The main reasons why I wanted to watch NEW GAME in the first place are 1: The character designs, and 2: The theme of making video games. Currently, I gave this anime a score of 8.8 out of 10, the highest score I gave to an anime that was released in 2016. I will admit that I did get a little upset when I found out that the main problems I had about Season 1 have been amplified, and I said that I might not be watching New Game Season 2, but I got over these feelings and decided to watch the first episode.

This episode’s purpose is to reintroduce the characters. Just about all of them are likable. Aoba is still my personal favorite character, because I love her design and I love her personality. In one scene, she sees Kou’s panties, and then she realized she got desensitized to it. It also made me realize that I had to desensitize myself to the different kinds of fanservice that exists in about 99% of the anime I’m interested in.

Screenshot (39).png

She even asked why there are no guys working for Eagle Jump. I can go on and on about my thoughts and feelings about why it is the way it is, but that’s a topic for another day. In short, I have mixed feelings about it. Overall, it’s a great episode. I am so glad that I decided to start watching it. I love the art and animation for this anime, and the new opening theme is infectiously catchy. I love quality CGDCT anime, and Doga Kobo really knows how to make one.

Now that I’ve started watching NEW GAME!!, I am now watching four anime from Summer 2017 this season (including Sakura Quest). Of these four anime, I feel the least shame deciding to continue Sakura Quest, and I feel the least regrets picking up NEW GAME!! This is an anime I will definitely keep watching until the end.