Tenshi no 3P! Episode 2 Thoughts

To be honest, I have a “meh” approach when it comes to rock music. In the mid-2000s, I’ve acquired a taste for techno and EDM music after playing some flash games on Newgrounds. I also prefer music without words, and lots of techno and EDM music have music without words. I just find electronic music to be more fun than rock music. A majority of my music library consists of electronic music, but there are some rock and metal songs too. I really want a music anime focusing on the production of electronic music, but we’ll have to wait.

The only other rock music anime I’ve watched is K-On!, because it is the most famous moe anime. The only reasons why I’m watching Tenshi no 3P are 1: It’s made by the same creators as Ro-Kyu-Bu! and 2: Tying into that fact is that it has super cute lolis. You know these jail memes commonly associated with Eromanga Sensei? These memes live on with Tenshi no 3P! The intensity of the fanservice has definitely escalated in the second episode.

Screenshot (43).png

We learned that the main male character has a little sister. In terms of story, the main characters came up with a plan: To hand out flyers at a station to advertise their concert. They declined the idea of handing out flyers in school, because the three girls don’t like school. They also insisted in wearing some bold outfits, but Kyo declines since these outfits are just too much for most people to handle. If you can’t tolerate the fanservice in this anime, then don’t watch it or stop watching it. This anime is not for you.

We also get to learn about the man who runs the orphanage. Right now, the only kids living in the orphanage are Jun, Zomi (Nozomi), and Kuu/Sora. One noticable thing about Kuu is that she starts her sentences with “Hom”, and I thought it was adorable. He used to be a priest, but then converted the church into an orphanage. We learned that the building will be closed in June, so it’s no wonder why the girls wanted to perform a concert in May. They also wanted to make memories too. We also learned that the girls wanted to form a band, because their master used to be in the band. The master then tells Kyo in private to slowly crush their dreams, but Kyo does not want that, especially since Jun loved his song, and he in return thought the song the band performed was great.

Overall, it was a nice episode, but I felt very guilty for watching this episode. I also like how self-aware this show is. I do hope the girls can achieve their dream of holding a concert at the orphanage and gathering large audiences so that the orphanage can stay open.