Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. Episode 2 Thoughts

When last week’s episode debuted, reactions were all over the place. The discussions were a mess, and it goes to show that an anime that’s set up to be a generic Isekai (person transported to another world) anime can be very divisive. I didn’t know what to expect from IseSuma. I was expecting it to be like KONOSUBA, but the first episode seems rather mild in terms of comedy. But I said I would keep watching it. The stakes seem to be lower, the comedy seems to be lighter, and we can expect more characters to appear and more quests to happen. In other words, it’s not the next KONOSUBA, but I liked the second episode to some degree.

In this episode, we were introduced to the girl with black hair and Japanese clothing. Her name is Yae Kokonoe. It’s very evident that she is from Eashen, a country from the other world that’s culturally similar to Japan. She is a samurai, and in one scene, she is shown fighting against bad guys. She joins with Touya and his party after saving her life using magic.

Screenshot (45).png

That sums up my feelings towards the protagonist.

Let me explain null magic and how it functions in this world. There are many kinds of null magic. One person capable of using magic should know only one form of null magic, and one form of null magic should only be used by one person. It’s a 1 to 1 relationship between null magic and the magic user. Once a person dies, that null magic might be gone forever. However, Touya defies this rule by being the only person that can learn all kinds of null magic, including those used by living users of magic.

Back to what happens in the anime. While Touya and his party were travelling, he was testing out some null magic. He can steal small objects, and one thing he steals is Kokonoe’s ribbon. At least it’s not her panties, and he even joked about it. Touya also uses magic to enhance his senses, and he was able to smell blood. His party was able to defeat some monsters as well as a monster spawner, but it’s Touya slip spell from null magic that really helps his party.

After that, he finds a carriage, and finds an old man named Leim wounded. A young girl is crying about it, and the party is tasked to heal him. After a few attempts to heal Leim, they decided that Touya should use his stealing magic to transport the arrow out of his heart, then heal him. It worked, Leim is feeling better, and the young girl is now happy.

Screenshot (48).png

The young girl introduces herself as Sushie Urnea Ortlinde, or Sue for short. I love her design. Her design reminds me of Elf Yamada with that long blonde hair and pink frilly dress with red ribbons all over. The differences are that Sue’s hair doesn’t have drills, her hair is longer, she has green eyes, and she’s wearing a nice, big hat that’s similar to Kotone’s/Lyra’s hat.

Screenshot (49).png

It’s later revealed that Sue is part of the royal family. She is the king’s niece. Because of this, Touya and his party are invited to the royal palace. The characters are impressed on how helpful and kind Touya is. Sue’s father explains that his wife has been blind for five years, and his father (Sue’s grandfather) had the ability to do so. Then the cast realizes that Touya can possibly cure her from this blindness, and he did it. As a result, the characters are very impressed by his actions and his kindness. He earned 40 platinum coins from the royal family.

Screenshot (51).png

In this world, 1 copper coin equates to 1,000 yen, or about $8.94 US at the time of this writing. 1 silver coin equates to 10 copper coins. 1 gold coin equates to 10 silver coins. 1 platinum coin equates to 10 gold coins. That means 40 platinum coins equates to 40,000,000 yen! That’s $357,542 US! With that money, one could pay off debts, buy another nice house, or even buy a supercar! He even got medallions of the royal family that will let allow him and his party to enter into some exclusive areas!

Screenshot (52).png

The biggest issue with this anime is the main male protagonist. I’ve said it many times, but he is an overpowered blank slate: a type of character that many experienced anime fans have a problem with. One idea I came up with to make him less overpowered is to make it so that he only knows null magic and nothing else, but that wouldn’t help that much.

Almost every other single aspect in this anime ranges from mediocre to decent. But I do love Sue a lot, and I’m sure moments featuring her will be enjoyable. The opening song is great too. At this point, I’m not sure if I should keep watching this anime as it airs or not.