NEW GAME!! Episode 2 Thoughts

You know, the discussions about Isekai Smartphone are triggering me. It has become one of the most divisive anime of the season. Wanna know one thing that can untrigger me? New Game Season 2! It has cute girls doing cute things and a positive reputation. The first episode proves that even though it has things I dislike, I still genuinely enjoyed it.

In My Thoughts on the New Game Season 2 Announcement, I wanted to see the characters cosplay in cute outfits in Season 2. And this episode seems to be about that subject, and Aoba seems to be the one cosplaying! Let’s see what happens in this episode. Oh, and there will be spoilers!

As it turns out, the only cosplaying of the characters we see in this episode are Aoba’s imagination scenes where she’s cosplaying as a dog, a cow, and a cat. The scenes are fanservicey, but I l liked it. The first scene in this episode shows Yagami’s character designs being accepted for Faeries Story. In one scene, Hajime was tired just because she was binge watching a TV show. People gave her support so that she can get better.

Perhaps the most important scene in this anime has to be the scene where Yagami’s character designs got rejected, because it’s too similar to Faerie’s Story. Aoba then turns in her character design, and her designs are also similar to Faerie’s Story, but one sketch shows a girl in a bear suit. Remember the bear suit from Season 1 Episode 6? That inspired the design. It seems promising.

Screenshot (53)

Yagami gets upset because her designs were rejected. This also causes Aoba to feel upset too, because her inspiration’s designs got rejected. These scenes were filled with drama, but it was good drama. It didn’t feel forced, and it didn’t feel too overwhelming. Aoba has mixed feeling about becoming the lead character designer. It’s always been her dream to become a character designer, but at the same time, Yagami won’t be one. She even cries because of this!

After they felt a little better, Yagami comes in, and Aoba asks her to review her WIP design. Yagami gave some advice, and together, they were able to make the new design. Aoba did most of the work, while Yagami gave advice. The new design concept involves a girl who can take over the abilities of stuffed animals. The idea seems great, and as a result, Aoba and Yagami both become the lead character designers. It is a win-win, and they both feel happy about it.

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The ending theme plays. It’s similar to the opening theme. The animation for this ending theme is great and super adorable! The characters are chibified, and it puts you in a happy mood.

Overall, Episode 2 is a fantastic episode! There are still some characters that are waiting to be introduced, and I’m sure they will be as great as the other characters. I am glad that I am watching the second season of New Game! It might be my favorite anime of the season. It also might be the best Crunchyroll anime of Summer 2017.


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