I’ve Been Watching Anime for Three Years. Looking Back at my First Anime, Majimoji Rurumo

Exactly three years ago, on July 20, 2014, I started watching Majimoji Rurumo. I was browsing images on Safebooru using the witch_hat tag, because I love anime witches so much. Within the past two months, a bunch of Wadanohara images popped up due to the Wadanohara game getting really popular at the time. I was getting a lot of Marisa Kirisame and Wadanohara fanarts by searching that tag. But then I found this image, and I immediately took notice on this girl’s huge witch hat.

I wanted to see more of this girl, but due to a lack of fanart, I ended up watching the first two episodes of this anime. This decision might have not been immediately impactful, but it was the start of my anime watching phase. As time went on, I begin to see July 20, 2014 as a more significant day in my life. I later completed Majimoji Rurumo on September 25, 2014. Continue reading