Why I No Longer Blog About Non-Airing Anime

This is a short blog post to address something that recently been going on. And that’s the fact that I don’t blog about anime that have finished airing. Ever since finishing The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Season 1 and posting a blog post about it, I never posted my first impressions on any anime I’ve watched ever since, unless it’s an airing anime or it’s Welcome to the NHK! I also never posted any final thoughts on any anime I’ve watched ever since, except for the aforementioned anime, Aria the Natural, and Cardcaptor Sakura, since I started watching both of these anime on February 2017.

The reason why I’m doing that is because so that I can enjoy anime to its fullest. It’s also because it takes up a lot of time to write down blog posts for anime. I still blog about new and airing anime, because I feel like it’s more important to talk about them. For anime that has been completed, what has been said about them has most likely already been said, so I hold off these thoughts until the seasonal list of the top anime I watched from worst to best. It’s just a personal preference. It also helps me prioritize.