I need to get something out of my chest

WARNING: This article is mainly a rant article on how I’m feeling right now. You might not agree with my thoughts, but I just wanted to get this off of my chest. It’s regarding hatred and opinions, especially in the anime community.

I am getting sick and tired of all the hate some anime have gotten! It feels like they are cool to hate according to some parts of the anime community. If someone likes one of these hated anime, people who hate this anime will likely attack them. And if someone hates an anime that is not universally hated, people who love this anime will likely attack them. Not even neutral opinions are safe from attacks from both sides.

Seeing people hating on an anime and getting into arguments, especially one that has a feel good tone, makes me sick to my stomach. I wanted to enjoy these anime, but it feels like it’s not OK to like them, because they have received a huge amount of hate. When I read the forceful negative opinions and arguments of an anime, I feel like I’m being manipulated to dislike or hate it, even though I wanted to like it. People hating on an anime I want to like makes me feel very conflicted.

Everyone has an opinion. Nobody’s opinion is perfect; not even mine. Even I dislike a few anime that aren’t generally disliked or hated. Some opinions tend to cause arguments, either because it’s an unpopular opinion, or the opinion is on a thing people either love or hate. I hate it when people get into fierce, unhealthy arguments and try to shove their opinions/beliefs on others. Some people may like getting into opinion-based arguments as well as seeing them, but to me, they’re demoralizing.

Given the nature of us humans, arguments and negative opinions, whether helpful or harmful, are bound to form anywhere. It can get ugly at times, but it is part of the reality we have to live with.