Anime: Why Do I Keep Watching It?

Throughout the time I was in my anime watching phase, I had moments where I wanted to quit. And before I said I would quit, I said I would watch some final anime before that. Right now, I’m feeling regrets on being an anime fan, because there are some common aspects in anime that I dislike as well as an aspect I dislike in the anime community. I am getting older, and my perspective on life and anime are changing. My status as an anime fan has become more in jeopardy ever since the Spring 2017 anime season ended.

The main reason why I started watching anime is because I wanted to try something new and different. Back then, I mainly watched anime for their cute character designs and the premises I thought were appealing to me. As time went on, I grew closer to the anime community and watched more anime. I even watched some well received anime, even if it was a little outside of my comfort zone.

Three weeks ago, I started to become way less active in the anime community. One of the biggest reasons why I decided to do that is because I dislike seeing flame wars. I watched two anime that seem to incite flame wars within the English speaking anime community every time they’re brought up: Eromanga Sensei and In Another World With My Smartphone.

Eromanga Sensei is the most hated, most controversial, and most divisive anime of 2017 so far. The main reason why Eromanga Sensei gets a lot of hate is because of the type of fanservice used in this anime. I will admit that this anime fails from a critical standpoint, even though I actually enjoyed watching it for its cute girls. It is my guiltiest guilty pleasure. Whenever I see hate directed towards Eromanga Sensei, I feel sad, because it really isn’t the worst thing ever, and moe fans seem to love this anime.

In Another World With My Smartphone is another divisive anime from 2017. I hate how much hate this anime is getting, because it is not a really bad anime. What I like about Isekai Smartphone is that it doesn’t have a lot of fanservice (except for Episode 5), has lots of cute girls, and the opening song is great. The biggest problem I had with this anime is the main male character. Every other aspect in this anime ranges from mediocre to decent. Lots of people hate this anime, but many others enjoy it. And it’s sad seeing people hate on this lighthearted anime.

Even though I became way less active in the anime community, I still habitually watch anime to this day. Unfortunately, just about all of the anime I’m watching have its problems. In short, most of them have fanservice. Some of them can get boring, bland, and repetitive. But I keep watching them since they have cute girls, and there may be some good moments that could come later.

New Game Season 1 is my favorite anime of 2016. It contains many things that I loved, such as cute girls, great art and animation, cute moments, funny moments, story progression, character development, and plenty of fanart. It shows why I love anime. Unfortunately, the fanservice and yuri undertones bring this show down for me, and Season 2 made these aspects more prevalent. Everything that was great about Season 1 was still intact, but the fanservice and yuri undertones are making New Game Season 2 one of the most disappointing sequels I have ever watched. This makes me worried about the future of anime.

I don’t like yuri/shoujo ai, because I feel like it’s wrong. However, I typically enjoy anime that have these elements for other reasons, mainly because everyone is a cute girl. The Touhou fandom (which I have been a part of for a long time) is even known for their yuri/shoujo ai fan works since everyone is a cute girl. The anime industry has been pumping out anime with yuri undertones more frequently, and it seems like this trend will never stop.

My love for anime girls will never die out, which is why I keep watching anime. I love anime girls, because I love those big, sparkly eyes. They give them a more youthful and adorable appearance. Whenever I see an anime girl, I feel happy. However, there are things I dislike that are present in many anime, and I feel like I should stop watching anime for that reason. Should I keep watching it, or should I stop watching it? If I stop watching anime, I feel like I would become a better person in life.