BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense. First Impressions

When I first heard about BOFURI, I was on Reddit. I watched the PV and thought it looked cute, so I added it to my plan to watch. I then added more and more upcoming anime to my plan to watch, most of which I’m more hyped about than BOFURI. Some examples include Re:Zero Season 2, GochiUsa Season 3, Majo no Tabitabi, and that anime where a witch killed slimes for over 300 years and maxed out her level. Of all those anime I planned to watch that are upcoming anime, only BOFURI became a Winter 2020 anime.

I was initially going to skip the Winter 2020 anime season. But when Funimation announced that they will be streaming a magician anime titled Hatena Illusion, I was like, “Ooh, this looks interesting!” I then made plans as to which Winter 2020 anime I wanted to watch. There are so many appealing anime out there for the Winter 2020 anime season that are streaming on Funimation’s website.

On January 11, I picked up Nekopara Season 1, which is the most diabetic-inducing anime of the season. It takes up the first slot of seasonal anime I’m currently watching. On January 13, I picked up Hatena Illusion, which was mediocre. It used to occupy the second slot until I decided to put it on-hold during the Winter 2020 anime season. This is the first time I decided that I’m not going to watch a seasonal anime after watching the first episode. If Hatena Illusuion becomes good, I’ll resume watching it next season. If not, I’ll delete the anime off my list.

Today, I’ve picked up BOFURI, which now takes up the second slot of seasonal anime I’m currently watching. What do I think about it? Well, I think it is an awesome and adorable anime that will bring happiness to the world!

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The main protagonist, a cute girl with black hair, gets a VRMMO game called New World Online. Her name is Kaede, and she named herself Maple in the game. She chooses the shield as her weapon of choice and maxes out her defense. The problem is, she’s slow. But the good thing is that she’s indestructible, and any attacks won’t hurt. Out in the world of New World Online, a rabbit attacks her for one hour, and the rabbit loses. She feels sad that the bunny got defeated. She always increases her defense stat and gains skills that make her resist status effects like poison. Nothing will hurt her physically! She got so hooked into this game, that by the time she logged out, it was 1:30AM! LOL

In the second half of the episode, she meets a guy with a cool shield. His name is Kuromu. They chatted, and he brought her to a shop that builds custom-made shields. The shop owner’s name is Iz. They become friends. Maple decides to go to a dungeon. While her sword does very little damage, her shield does a lot. When she reaches the poison dragon, it gets hard. Luckily she has potions on her, and she gained the skill to be immune to poison. She then defeated the dragon by eating a small part of it until it disappears. She gained the abilities the poison dragon has. And her treasure is a one of a kind gear that specializes in defense!

I love the first episode! It’s so happy in tone, and the main character uses an unorthodox method to be overpowered in an MMO! It reminded me of the joys I had playing video games as a kid!

I really love the art and animation, especially with Maple’s facial expressions and the way Maple is animated. I like the opening song. It’s standard fare for a CGDCT opening theme. The ending theme is good.

So far, I think the anime is very fun to watch. I enjoy cute anime, and I enjoy anime with a western-influenced setting. The anime combines virtual reality and fantasy with one cute anime girl protagonist. I’m extremely glad I got to watch BOFURI, and it should be one of my favorite anime of the year!

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