Seven Random Characters I Adore, and Can I Beat Them in a Fight?

I am not pugnacious, but I sometimes have the thought that I could beat a lot of my favorite anime characters in a fight. Today, I’ll go on anime-planet, where 7 random characters I loved show up, and whether I could beat them all in a fight. And here are the characters!

🤣 Is this even a contest? I could probably beat all these characters in a fight! Every girl to the right of Millhiore isn’t even capable of fighting me. They’re just peaceful girls who just want to live their life. Or in the case of Erio Touwa, keep herself sheltered from the real world until her cousin shows up and changes her life. The only character that can beat me in a fight is Millhiore, and that’s because she can use magic and a sword. Almost all these characters would be useless in action anime.

Let’s say that Millhiore can’t use magic powers or weapons. I’d still win against her, even though she’s a dog girl. What if all seven of these girls decide to gang up on me? I’d still win, even with Anya’s ability to read minds, which has allowed her to do well in dodgeball.

The answer: Yes, except for Millhiore.

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