SLMOE’s Anime Watching: Week 3, 2018 Recap

The third Sunday of 2018 is here, and I made a post about what I have watched within the past week. I watched Gamers, Neon Genesis Evangelion, The End of Evangelion, Slow Start, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K., GochiUsa, Ro-Kyu-Bu!, Air, and Hidamari Sketch. That’s 8 series to talk about! In fact, this week has been the busiest week in terms of watching anime since I took my big anime watching break in August! Continue reading


Neon Genesis Evangelion Series Final Thoughts

If there’s one thing this anime series excels at, it’s importance to anime as a whole. This can be attributed to its popularity back in the 90s and its everlasting legacy.

This week, I focused on finishing the series, and that includes the End of Evangelion movie. It only took me 20 days to watch NGE, which is the second fastest time I’ve watched a 2-cour anime, only behind Welcome to the NHK! (11 days). However, I did not fully enjoy this anime for various reasons. Keep in mind that this post will contain massive spoilers for the TV series and the movie. Continue reading

Slow Start First Impressions

I’ve always loved cute anime girls since the late 2000s, no matter what my mindset is. As someone who strives to watch some of the cutest anime ever, Slow Start definitely appealed to me. It is a brand new Cute Girls Doing Cute Things (CGDCT) anime. Due to my changing tastes in anime, I’m starting to get out of CGDCT anime, but I could not refuse to watch Slow Start. It looks super cute!

Screenshot (4).png

This is Hana

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New Years Goals for 2018

Happy New Year, everyone! I decided to make some new years resolutions that I hope I will accomplish.

1. Get Good Grades in my New University

The biggest goal I have this year is to get good grades. This goal is vague, so I’m going to explain in detail.

As of 2018, I am going to a much tougher university with more school work to do. Luckily on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, I have a huge lunch break, so I can use that time to study and do homework at a quiet place. During classes, I’ll make sure I have my iPhone off and that it does not be a distraction during class hours. Every day, I will make sure to make progress on my school work, whether it’s an assignment due on Sunday or it’s a big project. Continue reading

Top 10 Personal Events of 2017

2017 has been a significant year in terms of personal events. While 2016 was mainly positive in terms of personal events, 2017 has been a wilder ride, but it’s still not as wild as 2014. This list shows all of the significant events I went through in 2017.

Honorable Mentions

  • DRAFT ’17
  • Discovered StampyLongHead
  • I got accepted to a university

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Bottom 5 Anime I Watched in 2017

2017 has been a harsh year in terms of my anime watching, especially during the summer. My new job has eliminated a significant chunk of my free time too. I don’t want to talk about these anime ever again, but I have to in this article. These are the 5 worst anime I watched in 2017, along with some dishonorable mentions. If you see an anime that is not on this list, that means I haven’t seen it, or I thought it was pretty good. This list was very hard to make. First, some dishonorable mentions. Continue reading