cFreeze’s Anime Watching: Week 24, 2018 Recap

The twenty-fourth Sunday of 2018 has arrived, and that means I get to share my experiences on all of the anime I watched. This week, I watched Comic Girls, Haganai NEXT, Haiyore! Nyaruko-San, Heaven’s Lost Property: Forte, Clannad, Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-San, A Place Further Than the Universe, and Initial D Third Stage. Continue reading


Clannad Episodes 5-9 Thoughts

Episodes 5-9 are focused on Fuko Ibuki, and this may go down as one of my favorite arcs of the Clannad series. I love the moments featured in this arc, and Fuko is just so cute! I really love her childish personality! Of course, there will be major spoilers in this article! Continue reading

A Place Further Than the Universe First Impressions

The problem with 2018 is that I don’t find this year to be memorable in terms of historical events, pop culture, music, and even anime. Of all the anime of 2018 I watched, Yuru Camp is the only truly memorable one. I wanted to watch more memorable anime from 2018, so I asked the anime subreddit on what their most memorable anime of 2018 are. I’ve been getting a lot of responses that contain A Place Further Than the Universe.

Without much hesitation, I added it to my plan to watch today and realized that this anime should be in my Top 10. Its MAL score is above 8.50, and AniDB predicts that I will give it a 9.8 out of 10, which would place this anime at the #6 spot for my favorite full-length anime. I was meaning to watch Mob Psycho 100 tomorrow, but I absolutely want to watch Sora Yori (the short title of A Place Further Than the Universe) today. I also don’t want to watch too many anime at the same time, so I guess I’ll watch Mob Psycho 100 during the month of July. Continue reading

Clannad Episode 4 Thoughts

Nagisa said that she can’t make any more recruitment posters for the club. A solution would be to just physically talk to people to join her club.

There is a girl named Fuko who calls Tomoya and Sunohara weird. She then talks to Tomoya that her sister, an art teacher who left the school 3 years ago, is getting married. Fuko wants to give Tomoya a wood carving of a star that she made herself.

There are funny moments in Clannad that had me laughing out loud, such as the scene where the visuals are like an RPG. The Nagisa and Ryou scene felt awkward to me, but it was made just for comedy purposes. Also, Sunohara got rekt by Tomoyo!

Near the end of this episode is where the Fuko arc begins. This anime seems to be heavy in the comedy department in the first half, but then it will switch to more and more heavy drama.

Clannad Episode 2 Thoughts

In this episode, a mysterious brown haired girl built something that resembles an animal that would be inhabited by the narration. Nagisa’s goal is to revive the drama club.

That scene where Youhei (the blonde male sidekick comic relief character) is being beaten up by Tomoyo (the gray haired girl) is hilarious! It’s hilarious when Youhei is the subject of slapstick.

One noticeable thing about Clannad is the transition that goes from left to right. While Nagisa is drawing on her paper to get members to join her drama club, she sings the “Big Dango Family” song while drawing lots of Dangos with faces.

It is revealed that Tomoya used to play basketball, but now he can’t, because he got into a fight with his dad when he was in the 9th grade. Unlike in Air and Kanon, I prefer the ending song over the opening song in Clannad.

Nagisa is one of the most beautiful brown haired girls I’ve ever seen in an anime. Now I’m having a tough time on who’s the most beautiful brown haired girl in anime: Her, Takagi-san, or the girl that appears in this album cover.