cFreeze’s Anime Watching: Recap of January 17 – 18, 2019

Within these two days, I watched three episodes from three different anime: Daily Lives of High School Boys, Kaguya-Sama: Love is War, and The Fruit of Grisaia. Continue reading


Clannad: After Story Final Thoughts

It took about half a year, but I finally watched the final episode of Clannad: After Story. This makes it the longest time it took for me to watch an anime without dropping it or putting it on-hold. I watched about an episode a week, and I can conclude that this rate was too slow. I wanted to watch this anime slowly since it was a sad slice of life anime. Sometimes I didn’t want to watch this anime since I was afraid it would give me crippling depression, but it didn’t. However, it was the saddest anime I ever saw, and it made me cry.

Clannad: After Story is the last anime that I felt was essential to watch for me. Now that I’ve finished watching it, I can now say that I now have a full anime watching experience. There aren’t any more anime that I feel like I absolutely need to watch, and if I quit watching anime any time after that point, I won’t feel as guilty. By the way, there are major spoilers of Clannad: After Story ahead! Continue reading

Death Note Final Thoughts

I finally did it. After 179 days, I finished watching Death Note. I had to put it on-hold since I was busy watching other anime during the months of September and October. The journey has been extremely long, and I have reached the end of this anime. I’ll give my final thoughts on Death Note in this article with some minor spoilers. Continue reading