NEW GAME!! Final Thoughts

Now that I’ve finished watching NEW GAME Season 2, I can safely say that this season has more drama than the previous season. Every good and bad aspect about New Game is still there, but they have all become less prevalent due to increased levels of drama. Oh, and by the way, there will be spoilers in here. Continue reading


Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. Final Thoughts

When I first heard about In Another World With My Smartphone, I thought that it might be so bad it’s good. I also thought it might be garbage, and I might have regrets watching this anime. Well, the latter has happened. I think this anime is garbage, and I have regrets watching it.
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Sakura Quest Final Thoughts

You know, it’s been a long time since Sakura Quest started airing. 168 days to be precise. It felt like a very different time back then. At the time I started watching it, I blogged way more often than now. The announcement that Sakura Quest is getting 25 episodes initially got me excited, because it felt like a new experience. Even though there were times where I felt stressed about anime, I was going to keep watching Sakura Quest until the end. The final episode does what a final episode should do: Leave a positive lasting impression on the series. Continue reading

NEW GAME!! Episode 2 Thoughts

You know, the discussions about Isekai Smartphone are triggering me. It has become one of the most divisive anime of the season. Wanna know one thing that can untrigger me? New Game Season 2! It has cute girls doing cute things and a positive reputation. The first episode proves that even though it has things I dislike, I still genuinely enjoyed it.

In My Thoughts on the New Game Season 2 Announcement, I wanted to see the characters cosplay in cute outfits in Season 2. And this episode seems to be about that subject, and Aoba seems to be the one cosplaying! Let’s see what happens in this episode. Oh, and there will be spoilers! Continue reading

Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. Episode 2 Thoughts

When last week’s episode debuted, reactions were all over the place. The discussions were a mess, and it goes to show that an anime that’s set up to be a generic Isekai (person transported to another world) anime can be very divisive. I didn’t know what to expect from IseSuma. I was expecting it to be like KONOSUBA, but the first episode seems rather mild in terms of comedy. But I said I would keep watching it. The stakes seem to be lower, the comedy seems to be lighter, and we can expect more characters to appear and more quests to happen. In other words, it’s not the next KONOSUBA, but I liked the second episode to some degree. Continue reading

Tenshi no 3P! Episode 2 Thoughts

To be honest, I have a “meh” approach when it comes to rock music. In the mid-2000s, I’ve acquired a taste for techno and EDM music after playing some flash games on Newgrounds. I also prefer music without words, and lots of techno and EDM music have music without words. I just find electronic music to be more fun than rock music. A majority of my music library consists of electronic music, but there are some rock and metal songs too. I really want a music anime focusing on the production of electronic music, but we’ll have to wait.

The only other rock music anime I’ve watched is K-On!, because it is the most famous moe anime. The only reasons why I’m watching Tenshi no 3P are 1: It’s made by the same creators as Ro-Kyu-Bu! and 2: Tying into that fact is that it has super cute lolis.¬†You know these jail memes commonly associated with Eromanga Sensei? These memes live on with Tenshi no 3P! The intensity of the fanservice has definitely escalated in the second episode.

Screenshot (43).png Continue reading

Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. First Impressions

I said that I might watch this anime, because I liked the character designs, especially Sushie’s design. I also stated that it might be a so bad it’s good anime, just like Gonna be the Twin-Tail from Fall 2014. It also seems to have similarities to KONOSUBA, which is one of the most popular anime of 2016. Will Isekai Smartphone be the next KONOSUBA? Will it be a good comedy isekai anime? Well let’s get into it. Continue reading

Tenshi no 3P! First Impressions

If you have been following me on Social Media, you know how excited I am for this anime. The main reason why I’m so excited is because it’s from the same studio that gave us Ro-Kyu-Bu! Both anime feature super cute lolis, and the art from both anime are spectacular. Both anime also feature great animation. Tenshi no 3P is the spiritual successor to Ro-Kyu-Bu! This anime is available on Crunchyroll as Angel’s 3Piece! After watching the first episode, I personally enjoyed it. I already gave this anime an 8 to show my support for it. Continue reading