Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. First Impressions

I said that I might watch this anime, because I liked the character designs, especially Sushie’s design. I also stated that it might be a so bad it’s good anime, just like Gonna be the Twin-Tail from Fall 2014. It also seems to have similarities to KONOSUBA, which is one of the most popular anime of 2016. Will Isekai Smartphone be the next KONOSUBA? Will it be a good comedy isekai anime? Well let’s get into it. Continue reading

Tenshi no 3P! First Impressions

If you have been following me on Social Media, you know how excited I am for this anime. The main reason why I’m so excited is because it’s from the same studio that gave us Ro-Kyu-Bu! Both anime feature super cute lolis, and the art from both anime are spectacular. Both anime also feature great animation. Tenshi no 3P is the spiritual successor to Ro-Kyu-Bu! This anime is available on Crunchyroll as Angel’s 3Piece! After watching the first episode, I personally enjoyed it. I already gave this anime an 8 to show my support for it. Continue reading

Top 11 Anime I Watched in Spring 2017

I decided to publish this list early since I’m pretty much done watching all of the anime I watched for Spring 2017. Of all the seasons since 2016, Spring 2017 is the season where I watched the least anime. I’ve only watched 11 anime series in Spring 2017, so technically the second worst anime I watched in Spring 2017 made it to the top 10. It goes to show that I may need to watch more anime next season. Anyway, here’s the list. Continue reading

Eromanga Sensei Final Thoughts

This extremely divisive anime has aired its final episode, and it wasn’t as dramatic or as conclusive as I thought. It felt like a bonus episode, but a new character has been introduced. Basically, this anime is a massive guilty pleasure anime for many people. But there are some people who truly despise this anime, especially since it became insanely popular.

Continue reading

Hinako Note Final Thoughts

When going in to Hinako Note, I was expecting a cute and fluffy anime, but I got an anime that’s excessively cute and fluffy! This anime takes the moe aspect a little too far. The girls are so cute and so moe, that they should only do cute, innocent, and funny things. With girls this cute, you may want to apply fanservice to them, but that’s just pandering. Two of the characters get the fanservice treatment the most, and most of the endcards are lewd. In fact the level of fanservice is so high, that I classify Hinako Note as NSFW. It’s even more lewd than New Game! However, Hinako Note is not a bad anime. In fact, I enjoyed watching this anime! Continue reading

What’s Next? (6/22/2017)

After finishing Welcome to the NHK, I have my next days planned out.

Friday, June 23, 2017

I will watch the final episode of Hinako Note this morning, and I will post my final thoughts on it. Hinako Note is a CGDCT anime that didn’t do too well, but I still enjoyed watching it. I just wish there was no fanservice.

I will watch Episodes 11 & 12 of Sakura Quest and put it on-hold. The hype behind this anime has become cold, and it makes me sad. Continue reading

Welcome to the NHK Final Thoughts

My dream of Welcome to the NHK being my 200th anime has finally become a reality. I was expecting Welcome to the NHK to change my life and to make me become a better person, but what I got out of it is that Welcome to the NHK is a very well written romance anime. It was heavy on the drama, but it did have a handful of funny moments, and the final episode was strong. Not very strong, but strong. Be warned that there are massive spoilers in this article. Continue reading