NEW GAME!! Final Thoughts

Now that I’ve finished watching NEW GAME Season 2, I can safely say that this season has more drama than the previous season. Every good and bad aspect about New Game is still there, but they have all become less prevalent due to increased levels of drama. Oh, and by the way, there will be spoilers in here. Continue reading


NEW GAME!! Episode 2 Thoughts

You know, the discussions about Isekai Smartphone are triggering me. It has become one of the most divisive anime of the season. Wanna know one thing that can untrigger me? New Game Season 2! It has cute girls doing cute things and a positive reputation. The first episode proves that even though it has things I dislike, I still genuinely enjoyed it.

In My Thoughts on the New Game Season 2 Announcement, I wanted to see the characters cosplay in cute outfits in Season 2. And this episode seems to be about that subject, and Aoba seems to be the one cosplaying! Let’s see what happens in this episode. Oh, and there will be spoilers! Continue reading

NEW GAME!! First Impressions

The hype for New Game Season 2 is so high, that I cannot pass off this anime. The main reasons why I wanted to watch NEW GAME in the first place are 1: The character designs, and 2: The theme of making video games. Currently, I gave this anime a score of 8.8 out of 10, the highest score I gave to an anime that was released in 2016. I will admit that I did get a little upset when I found out that the main problems I had about Season 1 have been amplified, and I said that I might not be watching New Game Season 2, but I got over these feelings and decided to watch the first episode.
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My Thoughts on the New Game Season 2 Announcement

Woohoo! I was hoping this anime got a Season 2, and New Game Season 2 was recently announced! One of the best experiences I had in 2016 was watching New Game! This anime was everything that I wished for. Cute characters, great character personalities, funny moments, cute moments, heartwarming moments, and moments where they actually work. Plus, this anime excels in its art, its animation, and its soundtrack. This anime has been a fan favorite during the Summer 2016 season, and it was a success on both sides of the globe. In fact, it was so successful, that it’s getting a Season 2! But if New Game was so successful, when will GochiUsa get a Season 3? It was incredibly successful in Japan! I did have a few issues with New Game, but it did not weigh down the anime that much.

There are some things I want to see in New Game Season 2. Have the characters work on another new game. Have the characters cosplay in cute outfits. Have the characters go to the beach. Tone down the fanservice and the yuri teasing. Add in some awesome moments! If Doga Kobo can pull off a fantastic anime such as Yuru Yuri Season 2, I bet they can do the same with New Game Season 2. The first season is already excellent to begin with. It just needs to iron out its flaws in order to become one of my all-time favorite anime and to even crack my Top 5! Let’s hope that Season 2 will be even better.

NEW GAME! Final Thoughts

Ever since NEW GAME Episode 10, NEW GAME has been pumping out quality episodes. Too bad today is the last episode of NEW GAME. The characters are all great, the moments can be cute, funny, touching, related to work, or even… lewd. The last episode focuses on the days after the release of Eagle Jump’s game “Fairies Story 3”. The second half of the last episode of NEW GAME definitely reminds me of the second half of the last episode of Shirobako. It’s not the best episode of NEW GAME, but it is certainly a very good one. Honestly, I would say it’s even better than Season 2 Episode 12 of Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu Ka?!

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NEW GAME Episode 8 Thoughts

I’m going to make this quick. This is a fantastic episode! It involves Nene going to Eagle Jump to work part time as a game tester and debugger. She later steals pudding on accident, and it has become a big deal. I thought the episode was amazing! There’s cute moments, funny moments, game development progression, and even some emotional moments! Nene is a huge help as a debugger to the game! This episode gets a 10 out of 10 in my opinion.

Also, there’s no/minimal fanservice in this episode!

NEW GAME Episode 7 Thoughts

This episode is divided into two parts.

The first part gives some characterization to Umiko, who works in programming. She’s from Okinawa, has darker skin, and she’s into guns and FPS’s. I think the issue about guns in Japan isn’t as serious as in the United States, since gun laws in Japan are more strict than in the USA. Umiko tells Aoba to fix the 3D model that she designed in episode 6. I think Umiko is a fun character.

The second part focuses on a checkup. The four main girls are changing in the locker room, which provides some fanservice. Screenshots from this scene could make for some interesting clickbait material.

During the checkup, blood pressure and a blood sample is taken. The person doing the shots for Suzukaze-san is young and new to the job. She acts nervous, but knows everything from the textbook. She acted like Aoba in Episode 1, except that the job seems much scarier. Yun and Hajime are hoping for the old nurse, but they ended up with the young one. The rumor of Umiko giving shots to herself is true. Aoba and Yun get their waists measured. The scenes are medically lewd.

Screenshot (4).png

This episode took some uninteresting things, yet this episode was entertaining! The series as a whole has more fanservice and yuri teasing than I wanted. The eighth episode is going be about Summer Break. I think a beach episode is bound to happen given the nature of this series. If I had to give NEW GAME a score right now, it would get an 8.7 so far.

NEW GAME! Episode 6 Thoughts

Episode 1 had a fantastic start. Episode 2 was a mix of good and bad. Episode 3 had a more serious tone. Episode 4 is awesome. Episode 5 was good. NEW GAME Episode 6 is my favorite NEW GAME episode. It’s on par with Yuru Yuru Season 2 Episode 6! What made both episodes so memorable is that they both focus on a fictional magical girl with a very cute witch outfit! Yuru Yuri has Mirakurun, while NEW GAME has Magical Girl Moon Ranger! The Moon Ranger definitely looks like Marisa Kirisame, who, in my opinion, has a top-notch character design. Combine it with the polished art style of NEW GAME, and you get this.

Screenshot (437).png

Notice that argyle design underneath? I never noticed it until now!

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